Angeli deploy to all corners

Angeli deploy to all corners

From the Office of the CEO


It was been a busy few weeks for the Angeli Imperial

NelderOn the Home front, our Commanders have been setting up a solid foundation for Angeli Imperial Enterprises in Wangal, and I am pleased to report that trade has been booming

Massive RingSeveral Commanders have also ventured off into the void, charting new worlds for future colonization and exploitation by the Empire.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-01 15-39-22Meanwhile in the Alliance system of Kaushpoos, a number of Angeli pilots have been assisting with the Construction of the new Ocellus Station bound for the Pleiades, each Commander contributing in the manner best fitting their skill set, be it bounty hunting, commerce or mining.

BvS__IMS_Boudicea1_FedGunship0_TheEndAnd our combat pilots will not be able to rest on their laurels as the Patrons Principles of Kamito have requested our assistance, since Traxus Industries have illegal usurped control of the system. This affront the to Empire cannot stand.



Dignitas a Constantia Industriaque Commanders

Hail The Emperor

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