The Battle of Vries Orbital and the taking of Wangal



Outraged by the financial success of Wangal Energy Partners and their dominance in opinions polls, Revolutionary Wangal Values Party had previously launched a war of words to try and justify their position as controlling faction of the Wangal system. The local population tired of treading water as in independent state were looking for new imperial governance and to become a powerhouse in the region.
With the majority of Angeli Imperial away on the Shongastyak campaign, Revolutionary Wangal Values Party started gathering their fleet around Vries Orbital in the hope of making a surprise strike on the Wangal Energy Partners held outpost. Alerted by Imeprial spies CMDR Davo led a host of Wangal Energy Partners ships in a preemptive strike on the RWVP fleet utterly decimating it.
With no fleet and rock bottom in the opinion polls RWVP were forced to sign a peace treaty granting Wangal Energy Partners control of the administrative heart of Wangal – Nelder City and ultimate control of the system.
CEO CMDR DaMorgs issues this victory speech during the celebrations in Nelder City “When we started out, we were but a handful of Commanders. Now we are beginning to show our true potential. This is the first step in an epic journey for the Angeli Imperial. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. HAIL THE EMPEROR!”