A lot of you have been wondering who is the new man in charge, where did he come from?, finally AI news was able to sit down with him and ask him about himself. Here is what we got.

So where did it all begin for Argon Armrend?

Where did it all begin? Well the Armrends certainly were never members of the elite, heck we never even could claim the Patronage of one of the old families,  we were just your ordinary Imperial Citizens “Shop keepers and Small business owners” as they say.

Ours involved the acquisition and supply of mining equipment to various mining operations, mainly small scale independents, you know the type, that as sole operators don’t want to spend their time running from system to system to get more Bio-reducing Lichen or Limpets when they could be out in the belt clusters.

Load up the old Hauler with all the goods they might want and need and travel from outpost to outpost just selling from out of the cargo hatch. All rather ad hoc and itinerant but in the empire permanent contracts are hard to get without the right Patron holding open the right doors. Everything is a favour for someone, sometime I wonder how anything actually gets done after everyone takes their cut and kicks it on to their clients who does the same until it got to us little guys.

So you disapprove of the Patron Client system?

Don’t get me wrong, I do see the strengths in the Patron Client system

The Empire lives and breaths by the Patron Client relationship.
Great People attract followers, who strive to improve the lot of their pledged Patron, why then in turn rewards those who are loyal to them.

The competition between the various factions encourages innovation and growth, finding the better way, the more efficient way, the more profitable way, to conduct business and thus benefit the Empire as a whole.

“Mutual Service to the Patron, Mutual service that strengthens the Empire” That’s how the tutors put it these days isn’t it. What I disagree with is when it becomes self service, too much power in the hands of too few have stifled the competition and limited the options of the regular citizens

That was why the contract with Mastopolos Mining Inc was so important

Argon Armrend – Angeli Imperial CEO

What was the Mastopolos Mining Inc contract?

Well that was a major contract with a Major corporate, and we earned that contract on our own, just Father, my bother and I and our several ZPG Haulers, without the need of a word or a nod from some “Grey Haired Aristocrat” trading one favour for another to gain some small personal advantage. It was a testament to us, our diligence, our ability to start with something small, and put in the hard yards and turning it into something meaningful.

We had to sell our Haulers  (we were each running one by then) and take a loan to outfit a Lakon Type 7 Transporter  but the future earnings on the MMInc contract were more than enough to secure the loan and such a ship had all the room we needed and between the three of us we would run the ship 24/7

Why the Lakon Type 7, why not an Imperial Clipper?

We didn’t have the right introductions to get in the Gutamaya Showrooms

So from that contract and ship you were well on your way to the Top?

[laughs] in a round about way, the contract with MMInc was where everything changed. I am surprised I can laugh about it now, but sometimes that is the only way we know how to react to some things.

On one of the contract runs our ship was interdicted by a flight of Pirates, a pair of those Gutamaya Clippers we hard working honest citizens were not good enough to buy.

They didn’t even want the cargo, just to dissuade people from doing business with Senator Torval, the dark side of when Patrons disagree with one another and gang warfare begins, not that it is ever official, or sanctioned or ever affects the upper classes at all, it is just the common citizen that suffers and dies, like my father and brother.

Somehow I was blown free from the ship and the Remlock kept me alive until a MMInc ship arrived.

So you were the only survivor?

Yes, neither father nor my brother Mauricius survived the destruction of the ship. Not only that but do you know what Mastopolos Mining Inc reacted to one of their supply ships being attacked?

They sued me for breach of contract.

I didn’t even have the strength to fight them, and I found myself in one of their mines, with what seemed like an insurmountable mountain of debt before me.

So what happened next?

Well I started at the low end jobs at Mastopolos Mining Inc, everyone who goes there starts at the bottom, regardless of your skills of qualifications. They do that to break down the “new contracts” and to remind them of their place; it was unpleasant to say the least.

After a while those MMInc do start to make assignments based on prior skills, low level admin roles and such. Like many areas of Imperial society, the entry level jobs where Imperial Citizens should be getting the experience they need then take and grow in their chosen fields or strike out on their own are being filled by Imperial Slaves.

Whilst it helped me, I was lucky, all too often the Imperial Slaves are paid so little and never get any pay reviews or opportunities, it is many years before they can afford their freedom, in the meantime those roles are unavailable for young Citizens to learn the ropes and gain experience.

Middle management and above is, appointments by Patrons as rewards to their favourites and the regular citizen, or even those Slaves who have done the time at the low level roles have no where to go and opportunities to make something for themselves, but I digress.

Then how did a former Imperial Slave then become CEO of the Angeli Imperial?

Well firstly, I am still under my Contract, only now it is with Patreus, not Mastopolos Mining Inc. You think your performance reviews are stressful, with the “have you earned that pay rise” or “what bonus can I expect this year”. Mine are a little different and measure how long I have left on my contract, a few more good years and well, you know, I might be working for myself again.

Okay, so how did your contract end up with Senator Patreus?

I’d love to say it was through my acumen or skills, but it was really luck being in the right place in the right time. A silly story really; the Senator had come to MMInc to oversee the final sign off on a weapons supply contract and my part in it all was, servicing the coffee.

The Coffee?

Yeah, the coffee, after the meeting, the Senator was still in the meeting room with the figures on the screen, and I was bringing in the Senator’s Drink, CD-75 if memory serves, and just made a off hand comment on some of the figures. I don’t know why I did it, and I don’t know why the senator even listened but he did and started asking more questions and he seemed impressed.

He purchased my contact that day, citing the coffee was just the way he liked it. From there he put me to use looking at various accounts and various deals he had going. Small ones to begin with, then larger ones when I managed ‘added some value’ to the projects assigned to me.

Eventually I become his ‘new acquisitions troubleshooter’ sent in to get his new purchase working to the levels of efficiency that the Senator expects.

We’re getting there with the Angeli Imperial… slowly…. [laughs]

The AI is a great opportunity though, the largest operation I have been assigned so far, and I think this will be my last assignment of my contract, as success here will be great one.

So what would be the plans after

I certainly don’t plan to retire any time soon. There is too much potential in the Empire that goes untapped, Imperial Citizens who simply lack the opportunity because either they lack the right Patron or that the excess of poorly paid Imperial Slaves take up the Jobs.

Yes, the tradition of Slavery in the Empire provides a social safety net,  but in its current form, too many people use it to lock people in to it with little opportunity to resolve their debt, in the mean time, there are no roles left for the Free citizens that don’t have wealth and the right hand shake to give to the right people.

We need to get those on imperial slave contracts in roles where they can pay off their debts as quickly as possible, treating them like the Citizens that they are, whilst providing opportunities to the free citizens, where they can be productive and profitable, not idle & falling into the debt cycles we see in the middle classes. Employment shouldn’t be limited to the Cliens of the few powerful.

After a week of preparation, Senator Patreus’ forces have arrived to the system and are now assuming control of security.  Argon Armrend, from ‘Angeli Imperial’ has stated – “we have felt the need to form an alliance with Senator Patreus during these uncertain times.  He was one of the key founders of the Angeli and we need assistance with security in the face of the many threats we face at the moment from different factions, both Imperial and from other parts of the galaxy”

Opposition has sprouted across the system.  There have been reports of many casualties in several clashes, when asked about this, Argon replied  – “we cannot allow people to undermine our goals, we are working for a better Wangal, a better Empire! Dissent will be dealt with quickly and harshly, we have dispatched our ‘Angels of Death’, as well as Patreus’ forces to the area and they have permission to open fire if required. We feel the people revolting are saboteurs from other factions trying to stop our progress after seeing the success we have achieved in such a short time.”

After days of waiting we finally get some info.

Four days ago, we saw the Chief Executive Officer, Commander DaMorgs stand down from his position and take up the role of Fleet Admiral for Angeli Imperial citing a need for progress.

New CEO Argon Armrend arrived at Nelder in the home system of Wangal two days ago. He gave a brief interview to AI News before disappearing into his office. Armrend stated “it is time to get back to work, the Angeli will be remaining loyal to Senator Patreus, however we will be pursuing our own goals at the same time, whenever the Empire needs assistance”, when asked what are the first actions under his command, he responded “Angeli Imperial intend to take control of all corporate factions within 15 light years of Wangal, further tightening their grip on the immediate area, to ensure the reliance of our systems against any possible threats in this uncertain times”.

It’s not known what, if any, experience Armrend has, and initial research has not revealed any information on him, we don’t know either how he got the role, since he does not have a military background and is not from the local area. It remains to be seen if he can fulfill his goal, although given the Angeli’s history, local systems could be in for a major overhaul whether they want one or not.

A couple hours after this interview, his office released this statement.

Argon Armrend

Argon Armrend

Dear members of the Angeli Imperial:

I’ll keep this short gentlemen, I know you are all very busy upholding the Angeli reputation.

Effective immediately, all Commanders are to return to Wangal in preparation for a request by Senator Patreus . He requires all of you in the immediate area to remain so until further notice. Those farther away are to begin their journey home. He is issuing this command now as to give you all plenty of time, he is aware some of you are several thousand light years away. Do not delay, Commanders.

We are taking a slightly new direction, these are dangerous times ahead, be vigilant, watch each others backs, there are potential enemies everywhere.
While I have your attention, let me take this opportunity to tell you how proud I am to have you all under my control. Commander DaMorgs speaks very highly of you all, I know you will not disappoint me, treat any instruction from him as if direct from me. It will be. Stay safe out there gentlemen. Fly with honour.

For The Angeli, For The Empire!


In an unprecedented move, the Angeli Imperial CEO, CMDR DaMorgs presented his resignation as CEO effective immediately, below is the communique issued by his office earlier today.

Fellow Imperials,

As many of you are aware, the Angeli Imperial was entrusted to my control in December of last year. Since that time I have overseen major growth and incredible success. It has been my honour to lead you and work alongside you, in both peacetime and the inevitable wars that have come our way.

I have also appointed several talented and enthusiastic ’Generals’ to assist our cause. I want to take this opportunity to thanks you all, from the bottom of my heart. I could not have achieved any of this without your support and understanding. I have asked some of you to assist in tasks that others would have shirked at, some of these tasks have involved putting yourself in the line of fire. You have my undying appreciation and thanks. I would be nothing without you.

As for the Commanders who have flown and fought under our command, your allegiance has been nothing short of heroic. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved. I know all of you have made sacrifices for the cause in one way or another, and for this I cannot stress enough how much that means to me.

To this end, and with the continued expansion of our control it is time for me to step aside and appoint a more appropriate leader. Those that have worked and flown alongside me know it is not my style, nor desire, to remain in an office conducting the more administrative, yet equally as important, day to day tasks running a major faction that we are steadily becoming. This has been the case more recently and it has led to small, but sometimes costly mistakes. I hold my hand up to those and accept that they are my fault alone.

Today, 29th May 3301, will be my last day in ’the chair’. I will maintain a position of control, however, full oversight will be given to my successor, Argon Armrend. I had hoped Mr Armrend could be here for this, however, his ship was attacked by pirates approximately 200LY from Wangal. I can report he is safe and well but his ship had to stop for repairs. He will join up with us in the next day or two.

I am confident, on his arrival, you will serve him with the same vigour and zeal that you afforded me. He is the right man, at the right time, in the right place.

For the Angeli! Hail The Emperor!!

AI news will has tried contacting Mr Argon Armrend for a statement but he is unreachable until his arrival to Wangal.

In a twist of fate, one of the main Vessels of the AI, AIV “Queen Latifah” was destroyed during a RES patrol in the Shongastyak system.

CMDR DaMorgs was devastated when the GalInsurance company refused to honour the claim due to a miscalculation on the CMDR’s excess payable in case of total destruction, and being unable to produce the amount, he was left at a total loss.

When asked by AI news about the incident, CMDR DaMorgs said “Remember to check your rebuy cost kids!”

The AI will miss the Queen, Hail the EMPIRE!!



Over the last couple of weeks, the board of the AI has grown increasingly concerned over the tactics used by Senator Denton Patreus to expand the grace of the Empire.

As loyal followers of the Empire, we feel the need to assist whenever possible with the will of the empire, but the displacement of millions of people from their homes should not be a way to achieve expansion. We believe war to be the last option, and not the only way, the hearts of the people can not be won by the shedding of blood alone, they also need to be enlightened to the greatness of our Empire.

By using this Tactic we are only making more enemies.

Galnet News – 13/05/3301

Two days ago, Senator Denton Patreus officially declared War on the impoverished system of Quivira. Thousands of vessels loyal to Patreus have been pouring into Quivira ever since, bringing death and destruction to any non-Imperial ships that they find.

Fortunately, most of Quivira’s residents had already been successfully evacuated to nearby systems. This is in no small part thanks to the efforts of Independent and Federal Commanders working to thwart Senator Patreus’s plans for Quivira.

While the Senator begins to carve up the system for his followers, other members of the Imperial court appear to be seriously concerned about the millions of displaced civilians who now find themselves lost, angry, but not quite alone in Imperial space. In an effort to soothe the situation, both Aisling Duval and Arissa Lavigny-Duval have set up campaigns aimed at helping the refugees get back on their feet.

Citizens willing to aid the Princesses in their endeavours can sign up to help Aisling’s agents at Henry O’Hare’s Hanger in Summerland. Similarly, Arissa’s agents can be found working aboard Lambardelli’s Legacy in Persephone.

Senator Denton Patreus

CMDR Ping has communicated the concerns of the AI to Senator Patreus, and we are now awaiting a response in the matter. 

Today, we celebrate the magical day of May the Fourth, originated in the late 1900s.

The Tradition originates from the “Yodaist” religion, they believe that there is one all powerful force that binds all things in the universe together. They went to become a major influence in human history, overtaking Christianity and the Muslim Faith until the early 2700s when secularism became the majority, still you might find members of society who list themselves as “Yodaists” (AKA Jedis), even though the number is slowly declining.

Here at the Angeli Imperial, several of our members will tonight be telling the stories of the brave Luke Skywalker to their young Padawans to put them to sleep to celebrate the occasion.

May the Fourth be with You!


As the Angeli proceed with the expansion of Wangal Energy Partners into the partnering system of Shongastyak, the Empire has answered the call for assistance in the campaign and sent two of its Majestic Class Interdictors into the Area


INV Trasken Duval


INV Anders Blaine

Majestic Class Interdictor “Anders Blaine” – In battle @ Shongastyak

The overwhelming show of force has been too much for the locals, and are now  all but defeated.

Hail the Empire!!

From Galnet

Several weeks ago, Imperial Palace security uncovered an attempted plot to poison Emperor Hengist Duval. Princess Lavigny-Duval and Chancellor Blaine both launched their own investigations into the matter.

The Chancellor’s men managed to locate and question the would-be-assassin, but they were unable to extract any useful information.

Fortunately, members of the Imperial Court had more success. They identified several criminal syndicates operating in the areas around Nehet and Mictlan that were rumoured to have ties with a secretive underworld wetwork firm.

After smashing more than a few pirate dens, Imperial investigators learned that funds for the hit had been channelled via Silver Allied Network through Silver Universal Plc to an unknown group in HR 706.

Senator Lavigny’s request to pursue her investigation into HR 706 was originally met with refusal by members of Emperor’s Grace, who even went so far as to lodge an official protest with the Senate. Emperor’s Grace would later find themselves forced to acquiesce under orders issued by Senator Patreus.

Now it looks like Emperor’s Grace had good reason to want the Princess kept out of the system, as late last night, new information came to light which has implicated the leadership of Emperor’s Grace in the attack on the Emperor. Senator Patreus is disavowing any knowledge of the incident, although he has so far refused to allow any members of Emperor’s Grace to be removed from HR 706.

Senator Lavigny will be formally presenting the evidence against Emperor’s Grace to the Senate tomorrow.

What does this mean for the Angeli?, we are followers of Patreus, but our allegiance is with the Empire, and we will defend it against any aggressor, foreign or domestic.

When Questioned on this subject by AI News, CMDR Ping replied “The board is currently assessing the situation, and we are organising a meeting to see what action the AI will take.”


After a grueling 6 day campaign, the forces of the Angeli  Imperial came out victorious in the Guan Yun System.  The AI poured all it’s might into the fight, demonstrating again the brute force of the Empire.


Hail the Emperor!!