The Galaxy was a buzz when, following the clues provided by Logan Cohl, and his crew, which they obtained an Emperor’s ransom for in goods demanded,  CMDRs Nochtrach  BALALAIKAX3 & Ihazevich, located the wreckage of a ship of unknown origin and configuration at

Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4
Body 9A


Now two more crash sites of ships of similar design and configuration have been discovered,

Cmdr Deneb located a new site at
HIP 17862
Body 6 C A


And Cmdr Basch Fon Ronsenburg, more commonly known by his call sign xDeath, located a third crash at

HIP 17403
Body A 4 A


Our own Cmdr DaMorgs was part of the many expeditions our to the crash sites and noted that there were Unknown Artefacts scattered about the site.
speculation is running wild, are the mysterious ships the sources of the Unknown Artefacts, or did they fall foul of their corrosive effect when they were collected for study, like so many ships have done before.
On a final more grim not, the last site the mysterious ship was found amoung debris of an Anaconda and a pair of Type 9s.
The Anaconda and Lakons has battle damage but the mysterious ship bears no apparent signs of weapon damage, and that the concentrated debris field suggests the vessel was still intact when it hit the planet’s surface.
What this space, as the so-called “UA Sphere” of space will have more secrets to be uncovered yet.

Intrepid Commander Basch Fon Ronsenburg discovered yet another site of Galactic interest when a site of unknown origins and ages was discovered on the second moon of a Brown Dwarf orbiting the main start of the Synuefe xr-h d11-102 system.




Located at Synuefe xr-h d11-102, Planet 1 B  -31.7877  -128.9711

This site resembles the old Bronze age hill forts of old Earth, and still has active Data systems housed on Obelisks located about the site.

There are also various still active Beacon like structures and artefacts for of unknown function and use.
The Canonn Research Institute is learning the research into their meaning and function, but other factions have sent their own expeditions and it is only a matter of time before the Super Powers get involved


The Angeli Imperial dispatched several ships to conduct a reconnoitre of the site, and Argon Armrend , in Nelder City, Wangal, was presented with an example of each an Ancient Relic, Urn, Orb, Casket, Tablet and Totem found at the site.


Ther Small words Expedition had the stated mission

“Small Worlds Expedition is to provide the support and ability for new and casual players to be able to explore our galaxy without worry. We aim to help develop the skills and knowledge required for long distance exploration. Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels.”

Covering aprrroxitaley 17000 light years the Expedition stopped in at several notibale Neublae:

Hind Nebula

LBN 623


Fine Ring


Eight Burst

Blue Planetary


NGC 6337

NGC 6565

Our Own Cmdr Hazara in his intrpid Imperial Courier took part, and his flighyt logs inidicated he had over 1200 new systems added to Imperial stellar catrograpohic records.

Argon Armend, CEO of the AIE, issued a personal congrtulations to all Cmdrs that took part in this journey.

“The cooperation between all factions and powers for the betterment of humanity and the expansion of Scientific knowledge, is something we cannot but applaud.”

Enjoy his photographic journey here

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From the Office of the CEO


It was been a busy few weeks for the Angeli Imperial

NelderOn the Home front, our Commanders have been setting up a solid foundation for Angeli Imperial Enterprises in Wangal, and I am pleased to report that trade has been booming

Massive RingSeveral Commanders have also ventured off into the void, charting new worlds for future colonization and exploitation by the Empire.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-01 15-39-22Meanwhile in the Alliance system of Kaushpoos, a number of Angeli pilots have been assisting with the Construction of the new Ocellus Station bound for the Pleiades, each Commander contributing in the manner best fitting their skill set, be it bounty hunting, commerce or mining.

BvS__IMS_Boudicea1_FedGunship0_TheEndAnd our combat pilots will not be able to rest on their laurels as the Patrons Principles of Kamito have requested our assistance, since Traxus Industries have illegal usurped control of the system. This affront the to Empire cannot stand.



Dignitas a Constantia Industriaque Commanders

Hail The Emperor

Brothers! I am either losing my mind or bringing concerning tidings.

Curiousity got the better of me and i dropped out of SC way closer to a blackhole then what should be safe. That’s when the strange noises started.

First it sounded like standard distortion and ambience picked up by my instruments, but after turning everything off except for life support i started hearing weird insectoid… clicks…
And what sounded like systems and engine noises akin, yet alien to our own technology.

Call me crazy, but maybe the myths of “Thargoids” are more grounded in reality then we think!

For those of you interested I managed to catch a recording of my findings around a black hole:

After I’ve dropped out of SC in the video, you may have to crank up the volume a bit to hear the finer detail, but you can clearly hear all my weird experiences!

Ominous indeed


As you all know i currently have the priviledge of undertaking the Imperial Pilgrimage (Achenar -> Sag A* -> Achenar)

I will be sharing random sights through this forum and my album on imgur.

I am close to the Lagoon Nebula now, having passed through some amazing Systems.
4 Neutron stars and a black hole, all in the same system was a sight to behold.

Thor’s Eye is another worthwhile visit if you want to go exploring.

I Should make it to the Lagoon Nebula tonight, then set my sights towards the center.
Still got a long trot ahead of me, but there’s a beautiful universe out here to be seen!


After a personal meeting with Senator Patreus I was informed that Angeli Imperial had been awarded a 1.2Million credit contract to scout out the Blanco 1 Sector and look for human habitable worlds. I departed that same day in my Exploration Cobra on a mission to serve the Empire.


After leaving Empire space the day before via a visit to a few seedy bars in my old stomping ground of the Kats System i struck out further through uncharted space mapping systems on the way to the Blanco 1 Sector finding nothing but cold icy worlds, gas giants and scorched metal rich planets.


Today i arrived in the Blanco 1 Sector and started my search for an Earth like world in earnest. 1000LY from Wangal i thought my mission had been in vain as i was still yet to find anything more useful than potential terraforming candidates. Supplies were starting to run low i had failed in my endeavor….

Striking for home the ships computer plotted me a route direct to Wangal as opposed to the winding route i had traversed on the way out.

One system my computer had plotted was Blanco 1 Sector HD-Q B6-0. On jumping into the system i sent out a single ping expecting to find the usual lifeless frigid system i had come to find in that sector, barely paying attention anymore i noticed at the very last moment before jumping out there was an anomaly in the data! The 7th planet around the A star was somehow different to any of the other data i had gathered, i quickly plotted a course…


The Arrival

After spending the night in orbit around this still nameless world i completed the scanning of the system and set course for Wangal, arriving back in system after 45 FSD jumps and handing over my data to the Senator to complete the contract and collect the payment.




System Data