Election in Escobar Lab

The 18th of November 3302 marks election time for the Citizens of Escobar Lab, on Yen K’uie 2 A as the Autocracy Yen K’uie’s right to rule has been challenged by the Angeli Imperial Enterprise.
It is time for the Imperial Senate to remove the mandate given to the Autocracy, and return the rule of Escobar Lab to the common citizens and Clients of the Empire, under the guidance of the Angeli Imperial Enterprise and Argon Armrend, to ensure that power and wealth is not held closely by only those of the Autocracy’s ranks
AIE Pilots are invited to swing by the system, to lean a hand with any of the passenger contacts Posted by Mater of Travel Luisa Hewitt, and any missions listed by Patrician Patricia Michell, or their authorized subordinates.

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