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I flew up, got interdicted by (a now thoroughly deceased) NPC in an adder about 10LS from station (how does an adder manage to rack up a 10k bounty?), and had to carry on with RL and work commitments.

Had to save/exit with the Norwegian Blue sitting in space.

Whine whine whine.

I was close to throwing my toys.

Jumped back in later – wasn’t going to leave Blue in space where a planet might be in 12 hours – headed for station closely followed by several CMDR clippers and vultures.

These guys were following my trail around, think they were on interdiction course.

Got some names grabbed, not sure if they’re ones to look out for.

Dock & exit. Fun filled night for all.

Haz, did you get the name of your attacker? Revenge best served with a side of fries. And a beer.