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Rank: Foederati

Ah the internet, it tells you when people are talking about you behind your back…:-p

Very cool pins

As to the ranks, I went with Military ones just as I figured we were the armed branch of the WEP originally, or some such, and yeah Legati was my suggestion for the highest rank as the background story was that the AI was working for Senator Patreus and the Legates where appointed by the Senator, rather than have someone raise themselves to the same level as the Good Senator..
Even then licence was had due to there being many varied levels for the Romans as we wanting Five.

I stared with the Foederati as true barbarians wouldn’t be members at all, but we could have well used peregrinus/i for allied foreigner and prospective member

For the social ranks, you seem to be correct, bar the five wealth commoner ranks that would fall between the Proletarii and the Equites but we don’t need so many ranks.

That said, yes they are all plural as I pictured one being elevated to the order of the Triarii etc but yeah nah should be singluar for the rank one holds unless it is listed as belonging to a group (and lets stick with the nominate case at that!), and Centurion was anglicized

Singular > Plural

Foederaticus -> Foederatii

Princeps ->Principes

Triarius -> Triarii

Centurio -> Centuriones

Legatus -> Legati


I am not fussed either way, even the Imperial Navy creates confusion by having both Count and Earl as ranks.


I did mention that Choirs would be another possible division considering  the Angelic theme, but that comes off as far to Anime for some reason probably the over use of Seraphrim ; and Chaioth ha-Qadosh is a bit of a mouthful