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CenturionAngel of Trade
Rank: Triarii

I’ve had a brilliant time running with this CG. Thanks to Vyvian, Hazara and Damorgs for covering me from pirates whilst running in my Type 9. Completed this in the top 5% and got 16million with 20% discount when the diamondback is released. Screenshot below.

I got griefed once by a cmdr named of Tommi. He interdicted, then just laid-in to me without a word… then I’m dead, lost 500 tonnes of gold. With cost of insurance added to this, I lost just over 8.2million. Apparrently the guy had been hacking and others were after him. I raised a ticket and FD refunded me the cost and looking in on cmdr Tommi. 🙂




CG’s can really pay off guys.

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