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CenturionAngel of Strategy
Rank: Triarii

Already had a go at taking Wong Guin.

3 of us headed there and got a good few kills.


Vouchers are bugged for this system though. Can’t hand them in.  Report sent to FD.

Maybe a couple of other guys could give it a quick go and see if it is just those who got in early who are bugged.


Wangal is 2nd place still.  Won’t hurt to keep adding a few vouchers to it though.


Been fortifying Parsi and Aftero.   Hopefully when bugged is fixed I’ll hit Wong Guin and bring some more vouchers to Wangal, just to make sure.

We will need to help Fortify.  If systems are undermined this week, then we may not have enough CC points to expand to Wangal next week even if we are number 1.