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AvatarDan Dority
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So what’s the strategy for preparing Wangal for expansion? Are we waiting until later in the week to see where the other systems stand and then making a mad dash if we slip too far behind? Because we already seem to be in danger of getting knocked out.

I’ve already put several million of my own funds into preparing it (enough to make up a significant percentage of the overall amount) and I’m not an especially rich player. I suppose there’s a balance to be struck on the one hand to ensure Wangal is successfully prepared, and on the other avoiding a contest/race of over-preparing the popular systems players have chosen if we push too hard?

Powerplay is intense, I’m loving the whole new dynamic its brought to the game. A lot to learn as well.

[edit] Basically, I know its only been live for barely a day, but it doesn’t seem to me that we’re serious about securing Wangal at the moment.