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I’ll upload a config I found (not that I use), for the extreme 3d joystick (that a heap of commanders, including me, use).

The game is designed to be played with anything from keyboard/mouse, Xbox, hotas or anything in between – really down to your style, gameplay and  the amount of $$ you want to outlay.

I upgraded from an old saitek cyborg v1 (@hazara, you want it for hazara jnr?), but that was mainly because it was cheap, I like Logitech, and I couldn’t afford the desk space for hotas.

I was considering using the old saitek as my off hand analogue thruster and extra controls but gave up on that idea – not enough space…

When I was trading, the joystick gathered dust expect for interdictions & pointing away from those great big hot things.

Anyway, I bang away at my freaking loud ergo keyboard for all the controls that don’t have commands on the joystick..

If you need hints on keyboard setup, have a chat to @Davo, he’s the bloody macro king!

[Edit]: head tracking. Head tracking. Head tracking.

Have a look at head tracking options that suit your budget as well.  I’m running opentrack on my old android phone, Velcro’d to my headphones. It’s wicked.

[Edit 2/3/4/5 (why my link not insert??)]:

Here’s the whatsit I was talking about.  A general config for the extreme 3d – I used some as a base, but haven’t gotten into the switch/mode keys… I have enough trouble working out where the ‘any’ key in on my keyboard 😉

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