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@nzsimian: Very nice work with the Logitech 3d button map.  Re Cyborg 3D, I loved that controller for flightsims (coz I’m a lefty), but I had a couple of wires fail two weeks into E : D 😮

: You must have the thumb control of a surgeon if you can effectively fly combat with a gamepad – well done, you! 😉

Replying to @macca101 ‘s OP:

  • As a student you’ll get great value for money out of Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.  In Melb/Syd you should be able to pick it up for ~$50AUD.
  • I got 3D Pro to see if I could fly right handed when my trusty old Saitek cyborg died after a decade of solid use. I’m liking it and its just as well as I haven’t had the time to go out and get a more full-on controller
  • If you’re cashed up the Saitek X52 looks the goods.  I _will_ get one of these sooner or later.  I think @damorgs is also after one of these
  • I’ve heard some bad stories about the Warthog HOTAS, and I think there’s some issues with primary/secondary weapons

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