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Currently up 1-0 against Couriers 😛

I think “better” depends on if you want the hard-hitting sting and knifefight potential of the vulture weighed against the courier’s speed and cost. In the fight, our shields would drop at roughly the same time, so shield strength is comparable.

Also, at range, vyvian was at a loss against the more powerful class 3 laser, so he had to stay close or get beamed.  This kinda worked out for me, as the vulture has better maneuverability (albeit I was a bit slow on the turns).

They are comparable, and the courier is less expensive. Couple that with the ability for the courier to potentially solve it’s long-range problem with a railgun, and the courier gets really potent for it’s price.

That said, I when I put pips to engines, the maneuverability of the vulture completely changed the fight (at around six mins in the video) and outclassed vyv. I was able to get shots without return fire. So in a 1v1 scenario to the death, I think the vulture has the advantage, but the courier has the speed to disengage.

Not making a conclusion, those are just my thoughts on the matter. The courier certianly is an impressive cost-effective ship, almost drawing a ship that has a base cost nearly four times more than itself.

So yeah, tough call, but the courier is definitely cost effective.


(Also, what did Ociex do to the teamspeak audio? I kinda liked our banter XD)




Look closely, It looks like at 6:40 you’re gimballed pulse WAS NOT tracking me do to heatsinks and silent running. iiiiinteresting. I knew those heatsinks were good for something. Either that, or I was out of your gimball arc. O.o Denton’s probably like: