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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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I know its dangerous advertising Offensive goals, but can we have one or two?

:  here’s some offensive goals for you.  The highly strung and uber-politically-correct should STOP READING NOW!  

They are extremely offensive and meant in jest…

Offensive goal 1:  Fart whilst exiting a populated lift, as the doors close, turn around and say, “It was me!” – a la Jim Carrey in Liar Liar

Offensive goal 2: Whilst riding public transport, do a “pressed ham” as said transport alights at next station

Offensive goal 3: [Disclaimer, this next is likely to result in divorce and/or grave physical harm to your person – you were warned!] Whilst waking up on a Saturday morning, give your partner, the “Dutch Oven”

Oi! That's Baron von Schnellenstein to you, mate. No, it doesn't matter that I'm an Imperial Prince!