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AvatarBlain Crighton
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Summary of thought raised on TS tonight.

Once we have obtained control of HIP 20199 by the purchase of Silver Fortune Solutions, we could see if we could talk Frontier into giving us a Community Goal to complete the Terrifiorming of HIP 20199-2

This will give us a new Garden world.

During its establishment we drop hints of a connection to Onionhead.

From here we seek to take over Blue Legal Exchange in Ilyaqa and add their legal expertise to Blue Legal Partners in HIP 18178

The Mafia of HIP 20199 will obtain us seedlings of Kappa Fornacis Onionhead, and both Blue Lawyers will demonstrate that it is sufficiently different to be legally a different crop to avoid any owner ship /corporate theft claims from the Farmers Union of Kappa Fornacis and we seek a Community Goal to Establish great Latifudia (the Estates of the Angeli Imperial Pilots) on HIP 20199-2 to grow our own version of Onionhead.

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