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So are you asking that each night we report in with groups and such or what are you asking for sir?

No, we are too casual for that.  What I mean is, the CEO can assign the “defense squadron” a job for the next couple of days, then if you log in you can jump into that role if you wish. and you’ll know what to do.

Same goes for other jobs, where we can assign an “Attack squadron” to undermine an area, then all you do is just fill in a role for the session.

Support wings, escorts, the galaxy is your oyster.

This way we can say we have a squadron working this area, and we know the members will take care of it, and then report in a thread the progress.   I.E.  Attack squadron thread.

It will require me to have a mission page with the current required tasks to make it less confusing for everyone, and an easy quick check on the goals, and just jump into the game and help out.