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Yes, Frontier seems to have corrected the error that caused Wangal to not have made it onto the expansion list. I unfortunately bought a bunch of markers for preparation before I went to bed last night, and now have a cargo hold full of them. I’m not sure where to deposit them now. If someone in the leadership could please divulge any preparation plans for this week, it would be much appreciated. I’d rather not waste them, but I’m not to keen on sitting around in Eotienses for no reason either haha.


Take them to Kafigelabon, Lopemba, or Apalok, whichever one is closest to us.  Since I can’t get in game today, can you let me know which is closest to us? We will focus on that one and let the others know so they can work on the other 2.

We are working with other Patreus supporters on this.  We will be preparing

Kafigelabon (currently 5th), Lopemba (currently not top 10), and Apalok (currently 7th), Smei Tsu (currently 4th, is being done by a group, no need to help here)

Remember our main focus is securing Wangal still, but any other work for Patreus must be done expanding those systems.  Fortification is important.  DO NOT GO PAST 100 since it is a waste of time.