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The Lugh Conflict

On the 13th of March 3301 , President Halsey of the Federation declared war on the Crimson State Group of the Lugh system.  This conflict drew in many pilots from across human space as mercenaries on both sides of the conflict.

Unlike a number of Imperial Pilots who served in an unofficial capacity as support for the Crimson State Group under the maxim “The Enemy of my enemy is my friend” Cmdr. Crighton spoke out against the Crimson State Group, and the risks of supporting religious zealots in the effort for violent rebellion against the Federation.

“Sets a bad example, others, even those in the Empire, may follow the call of demagogues. This war threatens the stability of the traditional orders, we should be assisting the Federation and demonstrate unlawful revolts shall not be tolerated”

Flight recording of the Arms Deliveries

Rather than getting involved in the combat directly, Cmdr Crighton arranged with his sponsors, the Order of Mudhrid, to supply small arms and other weapons supplies to the Federal Forces forming up in the Khaka system.

Cmdr Crighton overseeing the first delivery

Though ultimately the Federal Marines were not ready in time to make a decisive attack on the Lugh system, the system of Mudhrid profited greatly from the sales of Imperial Arms to the Federal Military, with the EULA allowing only for their resale back to the Empire.

For his own part, Cmdr Crighton retained possession of the Lakon Type 7 Transporter