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Stop Slavery Stupid & The Imperial Slavers Association

With the War in Lugh over and the Demand for Arms turning into a surplus, Cmdr Crighton and his Lakon Type 7, now with a new Green Onionhead Livery found new operation when in Aprial 3301 Princess Aisling Duval challenged Senator Zemina Torval to “prove once and for all whose position the citizens of the Empire truly support.” on the matter of Imperial Slavery

Whilst Crighton had grown up on the family villa with a few Imperial slaves as part of the household, he was never comfortable with the “trade” of Imperial Citizens in cryo storage like other commodities, so he took up Princess Duval’s call for Pilots. A Freed Imperial Citizen cannot be traded away.

Though the Princess lost the wager, still Hundreds of Thousands were freed.