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Dr Arcannum & The Unknown Artifacts

During a discussion over drinks with fellow Angeli Imperial Cmdr Dan Dority over rumours of Sapient Alien life out in the Black, two trips were planned to near by nebulae where people had seen “things”

The first trip was out to NGC 7822, rimwards and down spin

The Second to a Planetary Nebula up spin and coreward on the Sagittarius-Perseus Arm

Although both trip yield nothing in terms of Sapient Life, several Earth-like worlds were charted by both pilots as well a another world bearing Ammonia-Carbon based life.

Arriving back in Civilised space, rumour were heard that the artifacts of Alein origin were being traded on certain grey markets.


Pilots from accross all factions joined together in this Alien Scavenger hunt

Soontil was the first lead and the system itself was devoid of any life it it has any to begin with bringing in to question the validity of the claims found on the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with each Soontil Relic

<i>A slab of unidentified material covered in pictographs of an unknown origin. This relic is part of a cache of similar artefacts that were uncovered by explorers researching lost alien civilizations in the Soontil system. Sold by Garry’s Reclamations, Cheranovsky City, Ngurli.</i>

Of course everything Changed when Cmdr Redwizard lived up to his name and managed to “liberate” an object of certain Alien origin from a Federal Convoy.

Emitting a strange radiation that damaged ships systems and presenting a repeating audio pattern.

Ongoing Analysis has yet to yield any conclusive message in the repeating pattern which seems to be in base 7, but some suggest there could be a connection to the Sap 8 Cores

<i>This container holds a crystalline shard of unknown origin. Scans indicate that the foot long shard is suspended inside a modified, self-sustaining, fusion-core containment field. Any breach of the field will result in the containers destruction.</i>