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Below are some squadrons people can use as reference. Ever squadron has a name (for fluff and fun!), a role (as described above), the ships required, notes on if any specific equipment is needed, and a motto (for fun!)


Name: Imperial Postal Service“, 1st tactical aggressor squadron, 14th Mercenary division.

Role: Aggressor

Ships: Imperial Courier X4

Notes: Interdictor must be equipped on at least one craft to threaten players and high-value NPC targets, here’s the sepcific thread

Motto:  “Going postal since 3301”



Name: “Argon’s Wrath”, 1st elite interdiction superiority squadron, Argon’s personal mercenary contingent.

Role: Interdictor

Ships: Fer De Lance X3, Clipper X1,

Notes: An interdictor is required on all ships. We may not even have three FDL, but the point is, all the ships should be loaded out for PVP, be fast, and be able to outgun or mass-lock anything it comes across. The clipper takes the role of a support ship for any wings that may show up, while the FDL’s concentrate on single-target damage.

Motto: “Vengance for Armrend”



Name: “Darkstar” 1st fighter squadron, 7th mercenary group.

Role: Fighter

Ships: Vulture, Courier X2, (Open)

Notes: Couriers can be swapped out with vipers or upgraded to vultures depending on ship availability. An extra slot in the wing is left open for any ship that wishes to join.

Motto: “Out of the Black”




Name: “Longroute” 2nd patrol squadron, 2nd mercenary reconnaissance group.

Role: Patrol

Ships: Diamondback Scout X2, Courier X1, (Open)

Notes: An open slot is left for a trader that is in need of a light escort. This squadron should be able to chase off most light threats. Hostile clipper pirates may require more firepower.

Motto: “Knowing is half the battle”



Name:Screaming Eagles” 18th Mercenary training squad, 1st tactical training group.

Role: Trainer

Ships: Eagle, minimum of X2, up to X4.

Notes: Sidewinders can also be used, but the squad name IS screaming eagles, after all.




Name:”Imperial Rescue Service” 4th mercenary squadron, 1st mercenary logistic and support group.

Role: Search and Rescue

Ships: Diamondback Explorer X2 (Open), (Open)

Notes: Fuels scoop, fuel limpets, and a cargo bay to hold those limpets is needed. Open slots are the ships they may be rescuing, for ease-of location with the wing function.

Motto: “Your Last Hope”


Name: Warlock” 9th freelance wing, 13th espionage task force.

Role: Clandestine

Ships: Clipper X2, (open), (open)

Notes: At least one clipper should be equipped to carry some cargo as well as hatch-breaker limpets.  Open slots depends on what ships are the intended target. Whatever ships go in the open slot, they should be able to mass-lock the intended target of the piracy. I.E., pirating anacondas requires using an anaconda. However, pirating most targets should be do-able for the clipper.

Motto: “Now for a magic trick!”