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AvatarCMDR M.E.A.T.
Rank: Principes

I think a heavy squad would be best suited for support/defensive role. 2 Annies, 1 FDL/Clipper, 1 vulture/courier. The idea is to drive aggressors away, 2 Annies are tanky enough and able to do ridiculous damage (focus fire 8 x C3 beam lol) if the enemy decide to stay and fight.

This is a good idea. Queen Latifa is slowly getting stronger by the day now. Insurance is building nicely. It’s still capable of trade but is becoming more combat focused now.

I’m thinking of fitting my C2 & C1 hard points with missiles as well. We can spam missiles after the shield is stripped and watch the enemy panic (if the enemy has EMC though, we are kinda screwed, but no one use EMC anyway).