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1100 in Mikunn they have a few million in their other systems, that said I think we have done well for a less than 24 hour notice plan.

Seems doesnt have to be missions to make an effect

“Famines cause a massive drop in the standard of living for the systems inhabitants. Food trade and related contracts are essential to alleviate the suffering of the populace. Due to the state of emergency combat missions and activities provide no effect on influence.”

I will be back on once the Server is up so should see Baron and Ping then

Submitted to Offical Galnet

0830 02/07/3301 Galactic Standard

Galnet Health Report sparks action from Angeli Imperial

The recent Galnet article on Systems suffering from outbreaks and Famine prompted the Angeli Imperial to take action today.
The Imperial Group under the Patronage of Senator Patreus gathered a small flotilla of Cargo ships, from Cobras and Asps to Lakon’s Spaceways series of Cargo Ships, to load up on the much needed food stuffs from Nelder City, Wangal to delivery them the 247 light years to Hiraga Gateway, a Coriolis in HR 7327, to assist the Dukes of Mikunn with their current famine in the Spirit of “Galactic Good Will”
Argon Armrend, the CEO of the Angeli Imperial stated that “If every Power and Principality set aside just a day each week, picked a system in strife and diverted their resources normally wasted on petty conflicts, to doing good and helping the people we claim to represent, we could really make a difference, it is our noblesse oblige”