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I just got a response in from frontier, looks promising, sorta.

Issue appears to be, as we surmised, that we’re getting grouped together – which hurts our ability to see other commanders.

Keep those net logs handy, and verbose.

Mine got to about 47Mb on Friday, so I had to zip it, and rename it so I could append to my ticket.

also worth having a look on the ‘open a ticket’ page, and running the berkley net analyser – it’ll show you if you’re having DNS issues, etc, but also reports if your pc clock is out (mine was by 2seconds).


Thanks for getting in contact, that’s a ton of information for me to use but unfortunately it looks like there’s going to be a limited amount of things I can do to help you here, allow me to explain.

Near the start of the 1.3 patch some users discussed not being able to communicate with players (wings, comms, visibility etc). We started to look into it and found that a lot more players were unable to see other players. The result of this is that we figured out the best temporary workaround is to set up port forwarding for each of the users but this isn’t always sufficient.

As it stands, a lot of the tickets I’ve been tackling personally over the previous few weeks have been trying to figure out the original issue and it looks like we’re close to putting out some fixes for it. This is sort of awesome and sort of not, because I can now tell you that a fix should be coming in soon and I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know how the issue changes after the next patch, however it also means that you’ve already exhausted the workarounds I could try with you to get you connected better temporarily 🙁

I hope we’re able to get this patch fully tested and sent out soon as a lot of the player interaction is being hampered by this somewhat, as you’ve experienced.

Thanks for the huge amount of information, now we have it on record so if the issue persists beyond the networking improvement we can refer to that and the huge netlog you provided (which I now have, unzipped, thanks!) and we’ll be able to get a headstart on any future fixes 🙂

Thanks a lot for your patience, get your fingers crossed we can get this patch out soon!

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