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It looks like they are well on their way to getting a solution into our hard drives.

Nice work Simian. You know, I think we have met CMDR Vanguard in our drunken travels, I’ll check the videos out tonight.

I was totally off my game yesterday, made a couple of really daft decisions, bad head-space. Hazara is right, we ran into one of the best combat pilots I’ve seen. Totally outclassed us. I should have paid attention to his loadout, Imperial Clipper, I know he was only running two shield boosters, had two lots of chaff, one railgun, was it 3 pulse or 2 pulse lasers with one multi? But he must have been running stacks of shield cells.

Keen to save up some insurance and head back for another scrap. I didn’t get any video of the last one, I need to learn from it.