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Below is my summary of the Q&A
Unless in quotes my Paraphrasing

I have tried to group by subject.

<u>Landings and SRVs</u>
Seemless Landings come out of SC into a New Flight mode, Planetary Cruise

Every Ship can carry the Scarab but not every ship can carry every SRV

Will take up compartment space, buy them from outfitting

Buy the SRV then buy the SRV clip in module

Parked ships and what happens to them when you are gone is still being debated/balanced

Different SRVs with different tasks they are specialized for but not restricted in task

Gravity will be a consideration when driving the ARVs and the ships handling when coming in to land and flying over the surface. Ships dont fly well at low speeds in gravity wells, so one will have to be more hands on to avoid drift.. Different ships will handle better, smaller ships will have an easier time in gravity wells.

Thruster build into all the ARVs, can jump, and on low gravity worlds the jets can aim down to increase traction.

Can Group up ARV and ship or ARV and ARV – Wings mechanics regardless of vehicle.

Examples of things to find planet side Rare minerals, Pirate bases, crashed ships. Landing at outposts or landing in the middle of nowhere gameplay planned for both.

Example scenario might involves the defense craft being remote controlled ships that can be disabled by taking out the control centre.

Some planets surfaces will be permit locked…..but other than those ones any airless world can be landed on, not just those in civilised space

<u>Cobra Mk.IV
</u>Access in game still need to buy it, chunkier, better hardpoint placement, additional hardpoint but as ever there will be tradeoffs.
Regarding Mk.III paint jobs applying to Mk.IV “I think that what was the intention was but I cannot promise anything” So they will check and put it in the newsletter coming out not tomorrow (as there wont be one) but next week.

Peak of the week will be the Cobra Mk.IV


The Structures/and other assets in the Arenas will be used for main game locations in the Galaxy

<u>Expansions and Season</u>

An Example of a Season is Release, 1.1 CG, 1.2 Wings, 1.3 PP, 1.4 CQC & 1.5

“Holiday Season” is Christmas/Thanks Giving

Loot and Craft an example of another part of the Horizon Season.

<u>Open Play</u>
If you see Cmdr Barben, you know you dont have to kill him….

<u>Core Gameplay features</u>
Yes will be continues development and improvements for richer game play developed for planetary landing can feed back into the Space game as well

Isnt just CQC, but brings CQC to PC/Mac
New Ships and lots of new tweaks.