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Waiting is fair enough – I think on balance, FD have been too vague about what features and when; the background sim (core content IMHO) still is a bit wonky; missions, whilst a lot better since PusPlay, still lack the required breadth and depth; – we’ll see what we actually get by the end of this “season”

On the flip-side, for 40 quid, I feel I’ve got my money’s worth so far, even though I don’t think the game is truly at v1.0 release status just yet.
I’ve still got a number of things I want to do in the game, parallel to AI

Considering that I ummed and ahhed for quite a while about whether to shell out 200 quid for the full kickstarter backing – (I opted _not_ to on the basis of cost and risk of not actually seeing any product for that rather large KS price tag) – I’ve now spent 40 + 120 quid (instead of 200) and will end up with most of what a full KS backer has…

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