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Rank: Centurion

Hunted DaMorgs down over a few systems, looking in conflict zones, then I tried the local port, and found him there. Figured I wait outside.
Hang on. Is he in a Cobra?! Oh my god, don’t wait until he’s out of the no fire zone! Engage!
Boost! BOOST! Cannon shells flying all over the place.
He jumped! Ahh! And too far away for me to follow directly.
I took a detour and managed to meet with him at another station.
He’s taking off! Engage again!
Crap, I hit the station! More cannon rounds! Boost!
His shields are down, hitting hull, NO! He jumped again!
Retract weapons and wait for FSD to come online, it takes forever.
Jump! Pull hard up before Wangal’s main star, I SEE HIM!
Close and interdict!
Got em!
I’m full power to engines, trying to chase down the Cobra, ship system screaming at me that the cannons are over heating. Still firing, am through his shields again. His FSD is back online and charging, he’s dodging so many shells! Come on! Boost! Show me that 50% hull!
He jumped!
I make chase again, interdictor ready, he manages to low wake into Reed, I follow, boost, and am unable to catch him before he makes it into port.
A well earned victory mate, a total rush, I’m still amped up, lol.
I’ll try harder next time we’re partnered up 🙂