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The sun never sets on the Angeli – we have members worldwide these days. That said, most often people are on in the evenings  NZ/AUS time.

I was running 2x gimballed C3 pulse, A5 shield, 2xD0 boosters and an E1 shield bank – just for emergencies. B-rated thrusters were fine for RES (it seemed like A rated thrusters & A0 boosters gave me less wep usage..), and I’d use the worst life support I could. Never used life support in the vulture (go hard or go home 🙂 )

The gimballed were brilliant for my style – knife fights against larger ships limits the effectiveness of chaff.

Best power plant with all my goodies usually had me running at about 120%, so shields/guns/thrusters at p1, through to FSD/interdictor/kws at p5, depending on situation.