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Bank account not conducive to fast tracking so have a timer on my phone…

I hear you.

The script for last two nights was:

Self-funding pusplay Supply Run

  • 0. Timer: 0min
  • 1. Get freebie consignment of garrison supplies
  • 2. Fill hold with Gold from Eotienses: Kaufmanis Port (If starting from Parkinson Dock, fill with Beryllium)
  • 3. Fly to: CF 464 (one port) – Sell gold
  • 4. Fill hold with Progenitor Cells or Consumer Tech
  • 5. Fly back to Eotienses: Kaufmanis Port
  • 6. Check timer (every 2nd or 3rd run depending on interdictions).  If less than 30min, go to step 2, else go to step 0
  • 7. Rinse and repeat Step 0 to Step 6 until 100T freebies reached, then…
  • 8. Fill hold with paid for garrison supplies and run them to Wangal
  • 9. Run a hold full of superconductors from Reed Port to Eotienses: Parkinson Dock

If there’s a group of you on, suggest you do the runs in DaMorgs private group and “wing up” to maximise profits. You’ll also avoid unwanted interference from other players.

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