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(1) i have problems connecting to other players. it worked one time to get a voice connection … but never since … if i try to connect to voice, wing or textchat, the computer says it cant get a connection to the player … tried it multiple times with multiple online gamers.

  • It _could_ be the quality of your internet connection if you are using ADSL and/or wireless router. However, since you are in central Europe, as opposed to Australia, your connection is probably excellent. WiFi could be an issue if you are in apartments
  • More likely it may be your firewall and/or router configuration. @Hazara, @NZSimian and @Sketchy might be able to give you some settings to try
  • Be aware that many players have the in-game setting to “Accept incoming voice requests” switched OFF, because they use TeamSpeak or similar – that’s another reason, if all else is OK that you can’t establish voice comms

(2) i hold the rank of master (and i am allied to the empire in each and every sector i can see), but there is no mission to go further on. i reed that it may take some time … but just to be sure … this missions can pop up in every imp. station, isnt it? or do i have to do more for reputation?

  1. Your ‘local’ reputation with a ‘local’ minor faction is separate to your overall reputation with that minor faction’s ‘parent’ major faction when it comes to missions in station
    • Overall, you might be Allied to Imperial
    • In an Imperial system you’ve never been to before, an Imperial station will be coloured green in your scanner, but to the local Imperial minor factions you may be only classed as ‘Friendly’ at best as you have _no_ history with them currently.  {EDIT} In this situation, on your right panel, you will show as allied to the local Imperial faction(s) based on overall Imperial reputation, but you’re actually ‘neutral’ or only ‘friendly’ with them.{/EDIT}  Do a few missions for them and your ranking locally with that faction will increase and they’ll offer you better missions as time goes on.
    • Note: doing missions for local minor factions, as you probably know, generally increases your reputation with the major faction the local is aligned with
  2. Additionally, the level of mission offered by a minor faction is now also governed by your Elite Federation ranking in either Combat, Trade or Exploration. The mission type will determine which of the Elite rankings apply and what level is required. The mission will generally tell you what type of Elite rank and what level is required. Successfully completing the mission will give a small positive increase to the related Elite rank
    • A combat or assassination mission will be based on your Elite Combat rank
    • A goods ‘fetch and carry’, goods smuggling (where supplied by station) or mining mission will depend on your Elite Trade rank
    • A salvage mission (go to system X and find n cannisters of Y) is dependent on your Elite Exploration rank

(3) the permission for home sector … thats the same thing like (2) isnt it? at some point it just pops up and i can do a mission for that?

{EDIT} I misread the question. Damorgs answers it below:

3. Yep, I think you need Baron for Achenar.


(4) teamspeak … how do you use it? i see sometimes players online (~17-19:00 central euro time), but there was never somewho in teamspeak.

  • Whilst the general ‘standing order’ within Angeli Imperial is: “If you’re in-game, log into TS”, many of us have small children and/or our partner is a shift worker and it is not a good idea for us to be on TS. This will explain what you see.
  • For the record, I was on late AEST last night, so “Guilty as charged, your Honour!”
  • Note: I am one of these with a small child, which is why I am rarely on TS

(5) what about the bounty mechanics, if you “work together” with NPCs? sometimes i just fly by, fire a bit on a ship that is ripped appart by police and i get a loot of money for that … in other cases i made the run and a NPC made the kill in the meantime … and i got nothing. sometimes i see the pirat blow up, but i didnt had the last beam on it … but still got the money. i dont see how that works.

  • The bounty mechanics can be inconsistent in general
  • The bounty mechanics can be inconsistent, particularly if your internet/game connection is unstable
  • The bounty mechanics get quite messed up in a Combat Zone or Resource Extraction Site when: (a) There is a Wing of RL players AND (b) there are other individual players, AND/OR (c) There is another Wing of RL players in the site

Hope this helps!

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