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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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Just been tooling around in the galaxy:
– ‘Condas now a lot harder to kill due to changes to power supply malfunction
– Chaff also appears to emit flares (you get red glowing chaff too now) – might have just been my position relative to sun, or reflections from beam weapons. Either/or its noticeable and looks cool
– The range of your sensors now has quite an impact on targeting. So, D sensors on your trade ship? Be prepared to go cheek-to-cheek to get some shots in!

– New delivery missions: Go hither (where ‘hither’ > 20ly away) and get paid 400K, even if you’re on a low Elite trade rank. I think thats really good for newer CMDRs in particular to help build Cr and get encouraged to travel further.

– ‘Extreme’ RES not that extreme. The difference is that if you stay still for 20-30 secs, the ‘baddies’ come to you

– NPC combat AI seems to be improved

– Going over to ixbakald to see if I can purchase the lancer evo 3301, er I mean the Imperial Eagle

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