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AvatarBaron von Schnellenstein
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Excellent work @NZSimian 🙂 – Keeping AI’s wheels turning whilst the rest of us attend to matters of state with the ladies of the Empire.

Mind you, being an aggressive trader (fully armed, have KWS), helped bump up the profits…

…Hence my trading in the T9 at the earliest opportunity. It was satisfying to unleash 4 large and two medium weapons ports on the pirate who interdicted me during the arvo. The 300K+ bounty was handy, too.

Its also satisfying to be flying something with high cargo capacity and doesn’t take all day to traverse to the station upon exit from SC and vice versa.

I hope the Imperial Cutter (or whatever the Imperial nobs get ferried around in) makes it into “Ships” release as a playable ship – Something Clipper-like and 400-500T armed cargo transport would be freaking fantastic!

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