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Rank: Triarii

if you want make money: its trading … there are some nice tradingroutes on the homepage and the ASP can be outfittet quite well as a trader … the big benefit (compared to an type6) is that he is fast (you can make a run quite easy) and in doubt: he still kicks ass agains those pirates how are fast enough to still get you.

never forget: if someone intercepts you: press H to know what the enemy looks like. if its an anaconda, 4 pips to engines, flight assist off (y) and run.


if you are more into action … stay away from PvP … get into an extraction field … stay next to the police and kill whatever they attack. thats the safest way. if you are confident you dont need help: just kill whatever is wanted (more risk, but faster money gain). dont forget to buy (and use) an warrent scanner.

if you want to fight: rip out the level2 lasers and get yourself the big mulitcanons … an other small multicanon and the rest with lasers is the cheepest way to kill a lot of enemys without the need to fly for an reload (this is the big time eater .. and i dont like flying for realoading … i think thats boring 😉 thats the main reason i am not into railguns.).


and add the guys from the DAMORGS group … killing stuff together is always more fun than alone 😉

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