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Just seeing what can or could be earned in the badge ways might inspire other or myself do do something different to earn a commendation is all.

That is a good idea, give people the virtual carrot to chase.

Gamification seems to be where your heading and I think that’s great, but let’s say I make elite exploring and use my excess data to bolster a cause in a system we are active in then that encourages participation in game and visually badge wise on the forums.

Correct, but so far what we’ve done is based on member’s experiences with the group. (Someone saw you kicking ass in some fed space like “it ain’t no thing”, then they will Message us to give you the badge) That way it is more ebout the moment that a checklist.

Or if there is a list I can look at say logging some combat or trade to help out.. See where I am going with this.

ATM we got the mission status page for that, sort of where our work is needed, and there used to be a trading page but it was not updated regularly enough.

By all means if I am overstepping my very junior shoes on these forums please by all means reign me in.

Don’t stress, we’re pretty relaxed around here as you can see by the registration and amount of disclaimers and things you had to agree with when signing in (None), me and DaMorgs run this with just common sense, let people talk and contribute, and jump in when needed (Never so far), if you have any ideas you’d like to see, we’re more than happy to listen and see how we can get it in place. There is a forum section called “Website ideas”, it is just for that.