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i would be open for that. in a variation.

first: i dont understand the tradingmechanics in a wing … because … i never did it. as far as i could read, the station gives the wingmembers 5% of the income as a bonus, so the trader doesnt lose anything? is that right?


the bottleneck with mining is normaly the collecting … collecting 40 chunks is even with 10 drones a lot of time and work (the refs are working a bit more automatic, but not complete in 1.4) … but the real time eater is of course finding a great place to mine. (this takes about 2-5 minutes)

(the conda needs 5-6 x 4sec burts with 4 x 10sec recharges to mine 40 chunks .. say: one minute. to collect all of that it takes an other minute) and an other 1-2 minutes to get all that stuff.

to get to the next location .. say its about an other minute or two … that gives the scout 5 minutes to find an other location.

so roughly i would say

find location: 5 minutes

get to it: 2 minutes

mine: 1 minute

collect: 2 minutes


doing that alone is about 2.5-3mils

i would guess that would mean about 5 mio in one hour .. thats 250 000 for the wing member, nice but not the great cut, isnt it?

if it would be possible to split the profit, it would be quite a nice thing to push lowbies … but with only 5% it doesnt look like a great deal, even for lowbies.

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