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what irks me is that these items persist when your ship is destroyed, which does not make it consistent with anything else

In line with your most recent response – Assume this ‘personal’ storage is part of your ‘Martin-Baker Escape Pod / Remlock’ unit:

  • If you’ve rescued “Occupied Escape Pod”s from USS / Salvageable Wreckage sites, you see that an escape pod is a variant of the 1T cargo cannister
  • On this basis,I can live with the idea that we’d carry around smallish (n-hundred grams / n kg) amounts of rare materials to assist crafting ship enhancements (like bling, small system mods)
  • They’d be stored along with other sensitive items, such as docs/samples that one might ferry in some courier missions taken from stations/outposts
  • Just have to suspend disbelief that your escape pod has enough raw material to manufacture 2-6 full magazines of ordnance, which has to be worth a few to tens or hundreds of tonnes, ROFL
  • Of course, storage at stations is the more ‘believable/plausible’ scenario, as @Sketchy has reminded us
  • This idea has been floated to FD on numerous forums with respect to purchased (or salvaged) ship modules and would obviously apply to rare materials one has obtained
  • It is probably not so simple to implement as it will require extra server overhead in terms of tracking where CMDRs’ stash/es is/are and potentially shifting the contents from station to station, a la having ships ferried to your present station…
  • You might have heard Sandro mention he personally wants to do the ship ferry thing, but no timebox put on it yet, so we prob won’t expect to see this kind of thing in Season 2 – Hell, they’ve not even released 1.5 to beta yet and have remained tight-lipped as to _when_ this week it might appear. This is not particularly encouraging given the bulk of this release is given to 2 new ships and 4 minor variations to existing ships – maybe fixing the colour of the “MISSION TARGET” text is proving to be very difficult 😮

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