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I’m a bit behind on this “crafting” thing, does it exist? How do you know you can carry crafting materials in the remlock?

  • Crafting is a “thing” to be introduced in Horizons. MB and Sandro have mentioned it in dev updates. Sandro talked about it at length in the livestream this week, which this forum topic is talking to.
  • Today’s dev update sums up what Sandro said: FD Forum – Dev Update – Crafting exists and is a thing
  • In Horizons, rare “materials” can only be collected from planetary surfaces (mineral deposits/crash sites/bases/etc) via the SRV. These materials are the inputs to “synthesis”, which forms the basis of the Elite 2.x crafting system. Initially, crafting will allow synthesis of 3 things for your ship and 3 things for the SRV
  • In terms of personal storage, Sandro said in the livestream that due to the small amounts, CMDRs would carry it around as personal storage. It is persistent, so if you move ships or are shot down, you keep the materials – that’s how I know we will have it. The above FD Dev update confirms it.
  • My allusion to the personal storage being part of one’s Ejector Seat / Remlock is an immersion thing, but it seems the logical application of this personal storage
  • As for station-based personal storage, MB confirmed that FD are looking at station-based materials storage. No doubt, @Hazara, they are looking at ways to give it some immunity to the types of exploits you’ve mentioned.

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