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AvatarCMDR Kestril
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We are growing, albeit a lot slower now, but I’m more than happy for any guys already in that timezone to recruit, friends of friends and all that :) I think the main thing to remember is, that when we are on, we need to use teamspeak. I know for ome people, myself included, this isn’t always possible, but if we attract a new guy and get them on teamspeak, then he jumps on 4 or 5 times after that and he’s the only one on, we lose them again. Recruiting is a team game and if we all do it we’ll grow and as a result we will get more overseas members. Once Horizons is released we’ll be organising ‘events’ anyway – canyon races, raids etc and things will move on from there too. Teamspeak will become a must if we are going to succeed in those types of missions too.


sounds good. I’ll make sure boot up the every time I play.