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… a t6 with 2 mediums … thats a perfect miningship.

Might give it a try, then! Thx Aurelius :)

i took a look to the outfitting … and … well …,H7yH7yH9WH9W,2-7272722M5U3w6k,0bg07203w5Sc5uk03w
the thing is … you need a lot of stuff for mining .. and that costs you cargo … to be fair … from what i see, i would guess that the t6 could make more money per hour … because cutting the stone is more or less never the real timeeater … mostly its the collecting.


so .. well … it depends what you do .. if you hunt only for painite and vent all the other stuff … you would need an other build (smaller ref, more collectors) … but if we are talking about classic mining, where you look for nice rocks and take what you get, fly when you are full … i guess the t6 would still be a better choice.

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