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AvatarFox Carignan
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I like the idea of having some sort banner sig we can hand somebody after they introduce themselves in order to get our name out there just a bit more.

On the topic of recruitment.  I’ve been with a couple of online guilds/outfits/groups and this one has remained the most stable.  Recruitment can be a touchy subject because some people have a very clear view of the kind of player base that they want.  This is ultimately decided by the upper-echelon of the guild (frequently the founder because of the amazingly low occurrences of a group transferring owners and surviving).  I love the way we recruit currently, no entrance requirements, good standing player base, high activity with a mix of both playstyle and RP in a casual environment.

I say get the name out there, but keep all else in the “recruitment” field the same.

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