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I’m sure Morgs means, with insurance money set aside. Right? ?

Most of the time yes…..


Woe to the Queen.  How sat upon her pedestal, gazing to all those who grovelled below amid the rock and metal, watching them toil, patrolling amongst them, shepherding them with great ease and tranquility.  Only one stood against her, firm like a rock and defied her with all of his might!  The queen and the rock had a Glorious battle one-sided slaughter until only one remained.  The ROCK stood victorious over the husk of the once-great Queen.  He watched and laughed rolled around through space as a new “hero” appeared to bring back his powerful master from the grave!  His name was The Black Knight Lakon Type 9 Heavy.  He fought valiantly against all foe! traded (slaves?) for several hours until he could defeat the evil sorcerer who kept the much-beloved Queen under a dark and evil curse of death-like sleep! pay the guy at the shipyard to fix an Anaconda that crashed into a rock while patrolling a RES.

And so ends the great tale of our Queen… Or does it..?


I used to buy a ship the moment I could afford it.  Later, I became a bit more cautious and I started using EDShipyard to design a ship for the purpose I wanted it to fill.  Then I waited until I had the cash to buy the hull, the modules I desired and, for my trading vessels, an approximate full load of cargo.  I am not patient enough to wait for the cash to get an A-rated ship, nor would I want to!  I love the feeling of starting with a new ship and just enough cash to start myself off again.  As I get more money, I am forced to pick and choose what to purchase.  I get to see and feel my ship evolve as I use it.  That is my favorite part of getting a new ship, a new member of my fleet, a new chapter in the RP of my character.  But that’s just me.

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