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One of the main reasons we came to Wangal was the distance from the ‘bubble’.  Trade can go one of two ways, it can kill our trade routes or it can bolster our influence.  However, before this can happen we need to ensure we have a stranglehold on Wangal.  We need to hold ALL star ports.  If we don’t, any trade coming through can have a negative impact on us if it’s not done through Nelder, and given there are closer star ports in Wangal with better trade, this would almost certainly happen.

I’m happy for us to start ‘advertising’ but I believe we need complete control first.  This will take time.  The only way we can do this is to hold all the cards.

This will in turn attract pirates, however, we have a security force that would relish the challenge, don’t we @NZSimian @Hazara @HazJnr, @Sketchy 🙂

Also, taking control of all star ports is part of our Mission Goals so there’s a mission for you to keep you entertained 🙂