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AvatarCMDR Kestril
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For sure, but I don’t think the T-6 could get enough limpets going. I needed greater than 5 to collect stuff in a timely manner and not sit at every painite ‘roid all day.

Though I think the best mobile refinery currently in game would probably be the t-9.——-07054jCb1vC7C7C7C2.Iw18eQ==.Aw18eQ==?bn=T-9%20miner

It can get 10 limpets going with more cargo space then what I could manage with only 9 limpets on the anaconda.

I’m still keeping my anaconda though. It’s more maneuverable so I’m able to get closer all the fragments.

That said, if anyone wants to experiment going in a normal RES or high-intensity res, the fourth person in the wing could bring a combat ship and act as escort.