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Glad to see the enthusiasm Xannz! I’ll keep my anaconda mining-fit. The minimum wing size needed to do this is 3, but 4 would be great as we could focus on only painte and almost double the profits.

I’m thinking a wing could look like:
MCS (Mobile Collector Ship): Anaconda, T-9, Cutter,

Basically anything with a large hold and with bunches of limpets.

MRS (Mining reconnaissance scouts): Asp, ???

It has to be more agile, but also have enough cargo to preferably take their cut of the painite in one transfer. The asp fits, maybe the cutter. A keelback or T-6 might be an option if they load up on prospector limpets so they can chain-fire them at many different distant asteroids.

So maybe two faster scouts that chip away before prospecting and then one “scout artillery” which shoots at lots of prospector limpets everywhere with a high-end prospector controller. The T-6 or an asp would be ideal for that maybe Or maybe that’s what the clipper could do? @sketchy @Xsannz @crimshadow @foxcarignan I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.



That’d be great sketchy! I’ll make sure to invite you next time we do this. Get some good footage and if anyone has editing skills we can make a shiny video. (Or video guide)