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Each Squad Leader/Platoon Leader had access to the “Command Channel” which would allow them to speak privately to each other without disturbing members of the Platoon.

I know you’re referring to a wishlist for in-game (E : D) infrastructure/functionality, but…

Our TS server, set up by @MrPing (praise be the WebMaster’s name! [thx @foxcarignan for inspiring this kind of reference to MrPing :p] ) has:

  • four ‘normal’ wing channels satisfying the first part of Fox’s suggestion; And,
  • an “officer’s club” channel which would satisfy the second part of Fox’s suggestion

Furthermore, @Kestril, our Dir. of Combat Operations has previously outlined some ideas on various tactical formations based on ship size and their intended utilisation.

Perhaps Kestril can dig up his post and point you at it – it would probably be good to revise this in the face of the SCB changes and new ships available and the tactical/strategic implications of these

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