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Looking at that thread, I like it allot.  I’d love to coordinate with y’all to figure out how we could better use coordinated firepower.  Perhaps even some inter-group activities in enemy territory?

Combined arms missions are definitely a good next step, but lets hold off on making any decision about that until the latter-end of the beta so we can make informed decisions.

If you would like the company, I have a habit of designing ships and I would love to help with our tactics.

Now this is where groups become really fun.


Edit:  Maybe we could have a forum where CMDRs can post the content of their fleet?  That way we can get an idea of who has access to the “Main Battle” ships such as the Anaconda, Python, FDL, Cutter, Corvette, etc.  We would be able to get a better idea of which squadron we, as a single player group, could run.  I am aware there is a spot for that in a profile page, but just a thought.

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