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Perhaps a liaison could go through the smaller, Imperial aligned, non English speaking threads in ED Forums and as if they are willing to fly under our banner so to speak?

just one word for motivations .. i would set up such a thing … because i want to spread the cause … but i am not very interessted to take a leading role in that … perhaps for the beginning, but not for too long. i am pretty happy to not lead something in my free time 😀

i just want to be clear that this is not some kind of grab for power.


the beauty of subfleets is that, for ppl who are not willing to interact with the international crew, they dont would to have to.

they have goal that they can follow, in a language they understand … have a TS and forum cnl where they can talk in there own language … but still be part of something bigger. the interaction with some of them might be … say .. limited. that could be a downside …


regarding fleet name … i suggest, for the moment “Angeli Imperial – Deutscher Verband” (=german league / unit / association)

as soon as there is a subforum, i would set up a recruiting … paper … whatever .. thing.

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