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A few more runs, for your enjoyment:

  1. Mori’s Run [Wangal:Reed/Vries <-> Niu Lang O:Hirasawa] – Suits long range ships
    • Wangal: Reed / Vries –  Sell Slaves. Buy Gold / Beryllium
    • Niu Lang O: Hirasawa Station – Sell metals.  Buy Imperial Slaves
    • Averages profit of 1K / tonne each way.
    • Suits long range ships up to and including Clipper
  2. von Schnellenstein’s Triangular [Wangal -> HIP 18187 -> Niu Lang O] – Suits long range ships
    • Wangal: Reed / Vries – Sell Slaves [950-1200 Cr/tonne profit]. Buy Gold / Beryllium
    • HIP 18187: Tuttle Station – Sell metals [950-1200 Cr/tonne profit]. Buy Auto Fabricators
    • Niu Lang O: Hirasawa Station – Sell Auto Fabricators [800-950 Cr/tonne profit]. Buy Slaves
    • Drivers of T7 or above should use this route over Mori’s route to ease price pressure on Slaves.  It will take a T9 once every 3-4 days
  3. von Schnellenstein’s Siriaba Run [Siriaba <-> Tialocan] – Suits ships LESS THAN 200T Cargo
    • Siriaba: Aoki Dock – Sell Resonating Separators [1K-1.3K Cr/tonne profit].  Buy Gold or Beryllium
    • Tialocan: Richer Port – Sell Gold/Beryllium [1K-1.5K Cr/tonne profit]. Buy Resonating Separators
    • Please leave this run for newer AI members with smaller ships up to and including T6!
    • Note that prices in Siriaba are often a bit variable:
      1. Small population == Resource production rate fairly low
      2. Goes in/out of Boom frequently
      3. Has been hit hard recently by two community goals nearby

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