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AvatarBlain Crighton
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As per DBOBE’s suggestion tonight Cmdr DaMorgs and myself cleared our save and started the Horizons Sidewinder start

You begin with a Sidewinder outfitted with a pair of Gimballed Pulse Lasers, a 2E Shield, a 2H Planetary Vehicle Hanger complete with Scarab SRV, a Basic Discover scanner and a 2 ton Cargo Rack, and 1000Cr

As Harmless, Penniless, Aimless Cmdrs with no Rep, none of the initial missions on the BB at the starting Planet Side Port were available to us, so we just picked up some of the cheap minerals that the Port mined and flew them up to Beagle 2 to sell for a profit.

2 tons at a time was not going to make anyone rich fast, but fortunately the bulletin board was more promising.
Three missions were available – A courier mission to Styx, a Courier Mission to Eranin, and a mission seeking “combat expects” of harmless rating or better to meet a contact in the Eranin system, where more details would be provided.

After a quick check of the Galaxy map to see what was in range, the Starter Sidewinder is less than 7Ly due to the 12 ton PVH, we took all three missions, and quickly headed to Styx, where the time limit make the trip interesting as it came down to can we glide close enough to the planet side port to get there in time. A change of pace to the 1Mm safe disengage, where the 1200 CR payout was big bucks to begin with.

The first package delivered, we jumped back to Eranin and to Azeban city to make the second delivery.
A Pirate in a Diamondback Scout tried to interdict, but two experience, if Harmless, Pilots in agile Sidewinder Mk.I mean two pairs of gimballed pulse lasers boiled up the pirate and turned the Lakon scout to slag, and 7000 Cr bounty each.

Flush with cash and a few D grade modules later we met out contact just outside the orbit of Azeban, and was told the Gold Partnership of Asellus Primus wants us to go to LP 98-132 to kill 2 pirates.

We would be paid 25000 CR each for this but as a lawless Anarchy, no additional bounties.
Undeterred we proceeded on wards.

Cmdr DaMorgs arrived at the RES and make short work of two Mostly harmless Pirates.
I was detained by an interdiction and when I arrived the RES was miners only.

It was at this point that we released we also had the Eagles in the Shipyards (Beagle 2 in fact) so Cmdr DaMorgs returned there to out fit the Eagle, and fit a KWS, which I searched for my pirates.

The First was a Asp Explorer in a USS, who was unable to keep a nimble sidewinder off his tail and fell without landing a hit in return.
No bounty but lithium and Titanium spoils to sell later on a black market in Azeban

I dropped into a distress call as DaMorg was jumping into the system, and to my surprise it was the FNS Orion, a Farragut Class Battle Cruiser under attack!
We drove off the attacked but killed none of them.
Sadly the FNS Orion was not forth coming with any Bonds so we left her listing and on fire.

The Compromised Nav Beacon was where a Asp scout with a 25000 Cr each bounty was found thanks to DaMorgs KWS
We engaged it but the pilot was Elite and so was packing and proficient with Chaff SCB and a Pair of Class 2 Plasma Accelerators, which nearly melted both of us on a good hit.
Fortunately lesson learned the Asp could not keep 2 nimble ships off her tail and we boiled up the pilot.

The Bounty from the KWS was from Styx so we jumped there to collect it.
There was a long range cargo mission for 12000 but the Sidewinder could not make it without an expensive FSD upgrade, so we instead took a mission to deliver some Federation Propaganda to a Surface Colony in the Opala system

Another race against the clock where the ability to glide the ship to that sub 7.5 range was a good skill to develop, Cmdr DaMorgs winning the race we had there by a mere 3 second, Eagle Mk.II vs Sidewinder Mk.I

The Colony had no missions for us, so we just decided for fly about and look for trouble, which was about 10 km away on one of the near by mountains. It was a mining operation run by the criminal minor faction in the system, the Opala Blue Brotherhood or some such.

An SRV on the ground and an Eagle in the Air make short work of the Skimmers and Turret that defended the operation and we popped the storage canisters to get our ill gotten gains.
Due to the extreme slope of the mountain, DaMorgs and I ended up collecting the mineral fragments at the bottom of the mountain, my SRV tumbling down and ending up at 12% hull despite it only being ~0.10G on the planet

2 tons of minerals each collected, we went to fly back to the local colony only to find it was hostile.
Wait, the minuting operation was lawless! we protested, then realized the colony was run by the Opala Blue Brotherhood
Oh that explains there hostility and general loathing to the idea of letting us land and sell the minerals we just took from them by force.

Back to Beagle 2 Landing it is then, and as a High Tech system , might give us a fair price on the minerals, thought not as much as a refinery, we called it a night.